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Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

Our school provides parents of NCS students with Chinese and English versions of the admission application form and information related to the school-based admission mechanism and interview procedures. Parents can also contact or visit the school for further assistance. The school also accepts parents to be accompanied by relatives and friends who understand Chinese to facilitate communication.

Cultural Integration

Our school highly respects the different cultures of the world and often organize celebrations of different festivals. We always welcome non-Chinese speaking parents and children to participate and exchange different cultural customs to promote mutual understanding.


Our school employs various strategies to induce children’s interest in learning Chinese.
Campus environment: Classrooms are full of Chinese language elements. Students are inspired to learn Chinese through textbooks, games and stories.
Learning Chinese through Story-telling: Students are inspired to learn Chinese through stories. They can also learn simple daily vocabulary from the stories.

Social Worker

Our school has participated in the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services and Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions organised by the Social Welfare Department. The relevant service is provided by Caritas Hong Kong.


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