Caritas On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

Service Objectives

  • To offer pre-school clients school- and center-based

services for early intervention;

  • To provide schools professional advice for the facilitation

and management of children with special educational


  • To furnish parents/caregivers with diverse supporting

services, so as to equip them with positive attitude and effective skills necessary for nurturing children with special needs.

Scope of Services

  1. To offer children with special needs:
  • developmental assessments and tailor-made individual treatment plans;
  • school-based individual/group treatment sessions;
  • treatment sessions at centers with rehabilitation facilities;
  1. To provide teachers/child care workers with:
  • on-site professional consultations, demonstrations, professional talks, workshops, and seminars, etc.;

 To furnish parents/caregivers with:consultations, home practice suggestions, talks, workshops